On this page you can find all types of terminology regarding the genre, both generally used terms but also game specific. Updated regularly. If you have a request, please let me know in the comments.



[~dahy-uh l, dahyl; uh; kom-boh]

  • An attack combination that requires one or more buttons pressed in sequence;

  • Attacks that cannot be accessed without first doing previous parts of the attack-chain.

Example #1: in Bayonetta one can use both Punch(P) and Kick(K) buttons to create new strings of attacks such as the infamous PKP combo.

Example #2: in Devil May Cry 3 one first has to do two hits with Rebellion before they can access the final hit in the Combo A attack string.

Common misconceptions: often used in a degenerative way, as if it is a lesser game. It is simply a different style of designing your game requiring more planning ahead and laying less emphasis on combo-creativity as a result.


[~ahy freym]

  • Frames of animation during which the character or enemy in question cannot be hit;

  • Not to be confused with frames of animation where the foe doesn’t stagger, but still takes damage;

  • The abreviation stands for Invincibility Frames. Often mis-spelled as Invisibility Frames.

Example #1: in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of the Patriots peaking around the corner gives i.frames, allowing the player to negate damage if timed well.

Example #2: in Dark Souls, the i.frames during the dodge can protect you from harm.

Common misconceptions: it is often thought that i.frames offer full immunity, but there are exceptions. For example: while usually fully i.framed, Raiden’s Zandatsu Technique from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, can still be hit out off by Metal Gear EXCELSUS’ laser attack.



[~nüb] {noun)

  • a new player who’s unfamiliar with the game, makes mistakes, but knows this and is willing to improve;

  • distinctly different and constantly confused with another term, n00b.

Example #1: during an online game of Street Fighter V the player never punishes enemies who jump in, as he doesn’t know they cannot block during this time. Eventually he gets defeated and asks his opponent how he could better his performance.
You can block my jump-ins, newb”.

Example #2: after being stuck on the Blade Wolf boss in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for nearly three days, the player looks to the online community for help. He never learnt how the parry mechanic worked and thus never used it and asks it be explained to him.
“Sorry for the newb question, but how do you parry in this game”?

Incorrect example: during an online game of Street Fighter V the player loses match after match due to his lack of skill and experience. He starts to complain about the lag, the fact that his character is weak and that he did everything perfectly even though he lost 11 games in a row.
His opponent exclaims: “Stop complaining newb”!

Common misconceptions: often confused with n00b, a term used for bad players who think very highly of themselves.




Meaning: Orion’s Harpoon. Usually done by pressing the grab button while targetting an aerial opponent. Sees Kratos impale them with his sword and smash them down into the ground. Can be redirected to smash enemies into each other or throw them into pits.